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Skin stress? Covered and hydrated! Meet our 1st skincare serum in a concealer for face and body. 100% vegan formula and up to 24hr hydration for skin that feels moisturized all day. Available in 17 shades.



Cover and hydrate by applying one pump of Bare With Me Concealer Serum to the skin using a blending brush. Apply two pumps on problem areas (dark circles, acne/blemishes, redness/irritations, dry patches) for medium coverage.


Non-cakey finish with a lightweight feel. Redness? Acne? Texture? No more! Say goodbye to skin stress and hello to covered and hydrated skin!

How To: Bare With Me Concealer Routine

How To: Bare With Me Concealer Routine

  1. Buff on glow with Bare With Me Radiant Perfecting Primer
  2. Knock out redness and smooth skin Bare With Me Concealer Serum
  3. Mist Bare With Me Multitasking Spray for major hydration and all-day set
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